Welcome! I’m a biologist, interested in the intersection between urban environments, climate, and the plants and animals that live there!

I am currently a Grand Challenges in Biology Postdoctoral Fellow in the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota, where I’m working at the intersection of urban ecology, policy, and equity. I’m passionate about translating research findings into on the ground actions to adapt to climate change and design resilient cities.

During my post-doc, I am using an interdisciplinary approach to tackle inequality in urban allergen exposure by combining mathematical biology, environmental epidemiology, and environmental policy. I am working with Allison Shaw (Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, College of Biological Sciences), Jesse Berman (Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health), and Bonnie Keeler (Science, Technology and Environmental Policy, Humphrey School of Public Affairs).

I completed my PhD in 2019 the Ecology, Evolution and Behavior graduate program at the University of Minnesota with David Moeller and Peter Tiffin. My dissertation research focused on understanding how urbanization and historical climatic differences have shaped the ecology and evolution of common ragweed populations across different geographic scales.  I previously completed my MSc at the University of Toronto with John Stinchcombe.