Field season is almost over…updates soon!

Unfortunately, this field season, I haven’t been updating my research blog regularly. I’ve been traveling so much for my latitudinal reciprocal transplant experiment, I haven’t had much time to spare! To give you an idea, every month since May, my field work schedule has been as follows:

Let’s just say, I know where are the best donut spots are between Minneapolis and St.Louis.

When I haven’t been out of state, I’ve been collecting data for my precipitation manipulation experiment at Scooterville.

Anyways – 6+ months and +12,000 miles later, field season is almost over! I finished data collection for the precipitation manipulation experiment and at my MN, IA and IL field sites in October. I am traveling down to MO for final data collection Nov 10-13, and then it will finally be over!

I’ll write a summary of the field season and maybe even put up some graphs with data (!) sometime around American Thanksgiving*


*Canadian Thanksgiving occurs in Oct.




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